How to set up Ipv4web in Chrome?

1.Download the Chrome extension, unzip it and find the Chrome folder

2.Open Chrome and click on the three dots on the top right corner . Find More Tools - Extentions

3.Then turn the Developer Mode on in the top right corner and drag the unzipped Chrome folder onto the page directly

4.Once installed, click on the Extensions icon on the top right corner, and pin IP. Click the icon then click Set IP first to fill in all required information. Note: click on ' proxy' to turn on proxy and 'Direct link' to turn off proxy.


Username: Ipv4web username

Password: Ipv4web proxy password

Country: Fill in the country code

Time (minutes): Fill in the time required for IP rotation [1-30 minutes]

selfip (optional): If you need to fill in the specified IP

Accurate: Choose to access as a specific country or IP

Protocol: Select the protocol

Click "Get IP", click "Apply Change" after success to save and enable IP

How to set up Ipv4web in Hubstudio?

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